USS Vengeance – Developed by Khan Noonien Singh and Starfleet Admiral Alexander Marcus to combat the Klingon Empire. The starship fights the USS Enterprise and crash lands on Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco in Star Trek Into Darkness.

USS Leyte Gulf – NCC-71427 – Commanded by Captain Aaron Juraj ; First Starfleet Vessel to be infected by Nanites in Star Trek : Away Team.

USS Enterprise – NCC-1701 – Commanded by Robert April (2245–2250), Christopher Pike (2250–2265), James T. Kirk (2265-2270, 2271–2285), and Willard Decker (2270-2271), Vessel’s self-destruction carried out while in orbit of the Genesis Planet, to prevent ship from falling into Klingon hands.

USS Farragut – NCC-1647 – Ship on which James Kirk served as a phaser station operator. Attacked by the Dikironium Cloud Creature, killing half the crew. ad.

USS Potemkin – NCC-18253 – William Riker’s assignment before his transfer to the USS Enterprise-D. Part of the tachyon blockade during the Klingon Civil War. Participates in the Battle for Deep Space 9 and First Battle of Chin’toka.

USS Yamaguchi – NCC-26510 – Destroyed by the Borg at the Battle of Wolf 359.

USS Bradbury – NX-72307 – Scheduled to transport Wesley Crusher to Starfleet Academy and undergoes warp drive performance tests.